Confronting Ageism

People are living longer, and yet we as a society don’t know how to make the best use of these extra years.  We need new social visions that will inspire and support people of all races, classes, genders, and sexualities to grow and participate actively throughout their entire lives.

No age-segregation or pitting generation against generation — we want a society that works for us all.  We can’t leave it to ‘experts’ to tell us how to age ‘well’ or ‘successfully,’ or to an aging industrial complex that sees older adults as a dependent group or growing market of consumers.

It’s up to us.

It’s time for a Radical Age Movement, a grassroots nationwide effort that challenges traditional notions of aging and introduces new ideas for building co-creative and interdependent communities.

Updated Events


Age Café

Where Does Age Justice Go From Here? A conversation for people of all ages on the impact of age-discrimination & marginalization. 

6:00pm – 8:30pm Wednesday, November 14th
NY Society for Ethical Culture
2 West 64th St (@CPW)

Refreshments will be served. For more information, please see events page. Please RSVP.


Rally for Age Justice

The steering committee of RAM made the decision earlier in September to postpone our scheduled October 16th Rally for Age Justice until sometime in the spring.  There was just not enough time for us to accomplish our goal.  Adding to this, is the short space between the rally date and election day.  Many of our members are out there working hard to get people to the poles and/or participating in other demonstrations or rallies relevant to the election.

What is The Radical Age Movement all about?

This is TheRadicalAgeMovement. No more ageism. #AgeJustice

Want to know more about what RAM is?

• Listen to Alice Fisher, President and Founder, and Steve Burghardt on CUNYTV!
• Or read about us!

Every Age Counts

Australia’s #EveryAgeCounts campaign against #ageism

Watch & share the excellent video and take the pledge for a world without ageism.

Ageism In the News

“Aging Bodies and Nimble Minds Can Go Together” (Article from U.S. News)

“Age milestones, medical conditions or memory changes don’t mean cognitive impairment is looming.”

Read RAM’s Founder, Alice Fisher’s, conversation with U.S. News!

President and Founder, Alice Fisher (center), Co-Founder, Steve Burghardt (far right) and steering committee members.

Old White Men

“For the past several months, I’ve been noticing comments online and in the media about voting-out old white men who are standing in the way of progressive legislation. Their negative attitudes towards women, towards people of color, towards the LGBT community, and towards immigrants is positively retrograde. … I had to ask myself, “Do they take these positions because they’re old?””