Stay Fit and Healthy when Aging: The 4 Tips that will Keep You Going

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Keeping active, eating well, and staying positive are all important parts of the aging process. However, as we get older our body changes and so do our needs and priorities. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean we have to stop living an active and healthy life. The right advice can help you thrive no matter what your …

Health & Aging Tips to Keep You Looking Young and Feeling Great

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To keep your skin healthy and looking young, it is important to take care of your body. There are a lot of things you can do, but here are some tips that can help you get started. Drink lots of water. Water is the best way to hydrate your body and helps flush out toxins …

Micropigmentation: Innovative Method


Hair loss is an aesthetic problem that already occurs in the young age groups and in both men and women. While the reasons for this are often different, those affected have one thing in common. They suffer from hair loss. After all, hair is one of the most striking external features that can influence our …

How Aging Changes How Testosterone & Estrogen React to Your Body

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Testosterone is a male sex hormone that is responsible for the development and maintenance of male sexual characteristics. It also has a number of other functions such as promoting muscle growth and bone density, improving mood, and increasing libido. Estrogen is a female sex hormone that is responsible for the development and maintenance of female …

Questions About Hair Loss in Men


  With balding (androgenetic alopecia) you slowly lose part of your head hair. Going bald is not a disease. It is normal with age. The older you get, the more likely you are to go bald. But it can begin before the twentieth year of life. In men, baldness is more common than in women. …

Staying Mobile and Flexible as One Gets Older

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One of the most recognized telltale signs of aging is slowing down, especially in older adults whose preferred recreations let them stay seated for long hours. A 12-month study of a flexing and stretching program for older adults proved that stretching allows for greater improvement of muscle and joint flexibility. Published in the Journal of …

Oral Care Tips for the Elderly


  Oral care often receives insufficient attention in elderly care. But why is that? And how can you ensure that oral care for the elderly in, for example, a care institution is implemented in a good way and better? According to the dentists at, about eight out of ten elderly people in a nursing …

Selenium and Its Benefits on Ageing and Overall Health

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Molecular breakdown, metabolic instability, immune system alterations, and increased vulnerability to external stresses are all part of biological aging. According to a 2018 research Selenium can slow down the aging process and prevent age-related health problems like cancers, cardiovascular illnesses, and neuropsychiatric disorders. Some studies have also proven that selenium can help to prevent chronic …

Healthy Aging With Nutrition

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A well-balanced diet full of essential nutrients can help support a healthy life. However, people with deficiencies, certain diseases and conditions, or with evolving nutritional needs at different stages of life may consider dietary supplements to add missing nutrients to their diets.