One of the best ways to eat healthy as an older person is by following a low-fat, low-sodium diet. This means that you should limit the amount of red meat and high sodium foods you consume in order to avoid high blood pressure and other related health problems.

Changing for the Better

One way to reduce your salt intake is by limiting your consumption of canned vegetables, baked beans, and soups. If you’re going to eat canned vegetables, drain them before eating them and rinse them with water.

Eat Less Animal Fat

If you’ve been living a traditional Western diet, you may be eating too much animal fat. This is because animal fat is easy to digest and can cause weight gain. While it might not be easy for some people to cut back on their animal fat intake, the key is to do your best. 

If you don’t want to cut out animal fat altogether, try using fats like butter or olive oil when cooking so that they don’t become solid at room temperature.