As people get older, they often find it more difficult to eat healthily. For a variety of reasons, including fewer taste buds and lower levels of stomach acid, seniors are often less likely to enjoy their food or experience the same level of enjoyment from eating as they did in the past. That’s why it’s important to think about your diet when you reach a certain age.

Eat Plenty of Fiber

You should always try to eat lots of fiber. Fiber will help you feel full and it can also help with digestion. Try to include more whole grains, beans, and vegetables in your diet.

Limit Your Sodium Intake

Older people often have a difficult time tasting the salt in their food. This means that they can easily over-salt their food and end up consuming more sodium than they need or want.

To avoid this, make an effort to limit your sodium intake. Because it’s difficult to taste the salt in your food, you should avoid adding salt to any dish that doesn’t already contain it. You also might want to consider cutting back on processed foods or anything with added salt such as canned soups, pickles, and olives.