Shaving : Why This Practice Can Make the Skin Appear Younger

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Images of prehistoric people depict men as beardless fellows, which gave way to the theory that shaving was already practiced several thousands of years ago. Although shaving was considered a sign of refinement in early civilizations, there came a time when growing a beard also became fashionable. Yet a deeper understanding of rhe proper shaving …

Improved Life Expectancy Among India’s Elderly : Result of India’s Geriatric Programs


The Indian government has launched several geriatric programs that improved the life expectancy of elderlies, which resulted to a boom of the senior population. Statistical reports have it that by 2050, the total number of senior Indian citizens will take up a quarter of the country’s entire population. The ability to deal with medical expenses …

Staying Mobile and Flexible as One Gets Older

Aging, Health

One of the most recognized telltale signs of aging is slowing down, especially in older adults whose preferred recreations let them stay seated for long hours. A 12-month study of a flexing and stretching program for older adults proved that stretching allows for greater improvement of muscle and joint flexibility. Published in the Journal of …