Workforce Ageism

TheRadicalAgeMovement is on the forefront of advocating for age justice in the workplace.
This section of our website is exclusively about age discrimination Please share this information with others and any information you might have with us. 

Age discrimination directed at older workers in the workplace is rampant, but few talk about it. It is an equality, economic development and quality of life issue. Age discrimination is illegal and economically devastating. A recent study reported that 56% of workers as young as age 50 leave their jobs involuntarily, ie: laid off or pushed out (ProPublica/Urban Institute).  A recent court decision allows for discrimination against older job applicants by allowing employers to advertise that you can only have 7 years or less of relevant experience to apply for a job (FORBES). Older workers are being told to get lost.

Yet, reality shows a different picture. By 2024, just five years from now, women over age 55 will be 25% of the women’s labor force nationally. Workers over age 65 will grow by 75% by 2050. This calls for an investment in older workers locally and nationally.

Older workers are more often engaged in their work than younger colleagues and bring solid experience with them. Yet, thousands of older workers live in quiet desperation because they are marginalized in their jobs or can no longer find employment. Opportunities for job training, employment and entrepreneurship for older adults must be opened up.

RadicalAgeMovement wants to open up a vigorous public discussion about age discrimination in the workplace and solutions. The nation and local cities and towns have an opportunity to develop Age Justice models by showing that this is not how they do business or treat older workers. In NYC, RadicalAge was successful in getting the City Council Aging and Human Rights Committees to hold City Council’s first-ever public hearing on age discrimination in the workplace. We’re working with Council members to develop a legislative and budgetary package. What ideas do you have?

  • Have you or anyone you know experienced age discrimination in the workplace? This can include being marginalized on the job, being fired or experiencing age bias in the job application process. Please fill out this brief survey and tell us your story.
  • Would you like to take the next step and work with the Radical Age Movement and others who live in your area to raise awareness about age discrimination in the workplace and do something about it?
  • What ideas do you have on how to address age discrimination in the workplace?

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    If conditions in the workplace are going to improve, we need to build a movement and raise awareness together!