Radical Age Movement’s Giving Tuesday!


Thanks to your generous support and energy this past year, look how the RadicalAgeMovement grew as we continue to confront ageism and advocate for age justice:

  • Testified, with other stakeholders, at the Department for the Aging Budget hearings and persuaded them to increase desperately needed funding for senior services by $23 million – the largest annual aging services increase in over 15 years
  • Attained new goal of 150 official, paid-up RadicalAgers as the result of an April 2017 membership campaign
  • Launched our new, improved website with increased accessibility, maneuverability and visual aids in early November 2017
  • Successfully completed a three-week pilot inter-generational education and immersion program for middle-schoolers, at Sunnyside Community Center. The participants’ positive reviews and enthusiasm awarded RAM high marks.
  • Solidified our first RadicalAge chapter at SAGE NY.  We’re now in the process of finalizing chapters in Queens NY, Ithaca NY, Pennsylvania, and even Mexico!

Our work continues:

Look what we have planned for 2018

  • Age Justice Rally – RAM is organizing the first Age Justice rally in NYC in May 2018 – be part of this pioneering action as RadicalAgers participate in NYC and nationwide through our chapters.
  • Chapter-Building – we’re aiming for at least 10 Radical Age Chapters chartered by May to participate in the Age Justice Rally
  • Workforce Forums – hosting informative and inter-active events regarding age prejudice in hiring as well as retention of older adults in the workforce
  • Inter-Generational Programs – utilize our successes with our inter-generational pilot education program for middle school students to seek needed funding resources to create a full curriculum that we can bring to other community centers, schools, and the faith communities of NYC
  • Fundraising – raise funds to purchase a professional database, which we need desperately
  • Spring Fundraising and Membership Drive

We cannot do this without your continuing support. 

Please donate. Help us to fight ageism!