Our Programs

Age Action

Our voice is needed so that legislators, cultural leaders and media come to recognize that the purposeful invisibility and marginalization of older Americans must stop.  Our Age Action committees develop our social action and organizing platforms, often in partnership with others who are seeking social justice.

Consciousness Raising

CR follows on the powerful work of the civil rights’, women’s, and LGBT movements, where small groups formed to discuss, understand, and acknowledge the mix of external and internal dynamics that contribute to a group’s marginalization and oppression.  At its best, CR helps us to identify our own age biases.  At our CR events, we encourage people to form their own small groups to continue the conversation.  Our CR guide is on line and can be downloaded from our website. 

Chapter Building

In order to build nation-wide momentum for our movement, RAM has initiated an aggressive campaign, reaching out to both established organizations and individuals who want to start their own chapter of The Radical Age Movement.  Our first organizational chapter is in the process of being set up at SAGE-NY.  Our newly renovated website will have a new page exclusively dedicated to RAM Chapters, where all the information for forming a new chapter along with suggestions on how to run our programs.  There will also be a place where chapters can post and share the work they are doing. 

Intergenerational Age Café

This program brings older and younger adults together in conversation about aging.  The Age Café is based on the World Café technique of interactive conversation.  We subscribe to the concept that when a young person is ageist, they are setting up a prejudice against their future selves.

Intergenerational Interactive Curriculum for Middle School Children

It is RAM’s belief that the surest way to ameliorate the ageism embedded in our society is to educate our children about age and ageing and what it means to have an all-age-inclusive society.  To this purpose, we have designed a three-session pilot program for older adults and middle school children.  The pilot program will be run in November 2017 at Sunnyside Community Center in NYC.  We plan to use the 3 sessions to evaluate the program and seek funding to finish a curriculum.

Speaker Series

RAM’s monthly speaker series educates and raises awareness of ageism.  Speakers are often professionals in their field, whether it be healthcare, workforce leaders, government, education, and media.

Members-Only Salons

These are quarterly get-togethers where registered members get to know each other on a more personal basis.  Over wine and refreshments, we share each other’s stories and ideas, and catch up on RAM news and developments.  Those who are not members can register on line or at one of our salons.  This is an excellent way to meet steering and other committee members and form bonds with others whose mission it is to confront ageism.