What is The Radical Age Movement?

The Radical Age Movement is a national non-profit based in New York City that rejects long-standing misinterpretations of aging. Our goal is to end these misperceptions and skewed attitudes toward aging so that people of all ages, races, classes, genders, and sexualities can participate productively in areas of cultural, professional and community life.

what is RAM
President and Founder, Alice Fisher (center), Co-Founder, Steve Burghardt (far right) and steering committee members.

We know that there are so many matters affecting older adults in our country. Just to name a few: Social Security, Medicare, affordable housing, and food insecurity.  We know that there are many fine organizations which are addressing these specific concerns. However, we are not one of them.  As TheRadicalAgeMovement, we are the team that is heading upstream to find out WHY there are so many problems facing older adults in our society, especially people of color and immigrants…and notably women of all colors

We are determined to get at the root causes of why older adults are not receiving the services they need.    And, why our quality of life is constantly undermined by our government, our medical establishment, our workforce, the media, and in some cases, even by our own families.

We believe that the underlying cause for all these troubling concerns is AGEISM. Now, combine the oppression of ageism with the oppressions of race, gender, sexuality, and economic class that people experience throughout their lives; and it becomes clear why we need a social movement that sustains a focus on the ageism issues we all must respond to everyday.


Through conversation, consciousness raising, mainstream and social media, presentations and social action, The Radical Age Movement is dedicated to confronting ageism in all its forms; whether it be discrimination in the work place or marginalization of older or younger people in decision making and purposeful participation in all aspects of civic and community life.

Through a three pronged strategy including education, consciousness raising and social action, we strive to enlist new members, create chapters of RAM and work with others to combat the stereotypes and demeaning attitudes towards older adults.

Listen to Alice Fisher, Founder, and Steve Burghardt, Professor at Hunter College School of Social Work talk about what RAM is in the video below!

Our Challenge


With the Census Bureau prediction that all baby boomers will be 65 and over in 2029, accounting for more that 20 percent of the total population, it is incumbent upon our society to both address the invisibility and marginalization of the old, and recognize the value of older Americans and the contributions they can continue to make to society.

Working together we can:

  • Challenge ageism in ourselves, our language, social practices, and in our policies and institutions;
  • Create new language and models that embrace energy, respect, knowledge and wisdom;
  • Create new paradigms in society so that adults from all cultural, social, and economic backgrounds can participate fully consistent with their capabilities and ambitions at all stages of life;
  • Celebrate the contributions of older adults strive to change and repair the world and honor the innovations they have made.
  • Create a more compassionate and interdependent society that supports the wellbeing of people of all ages and from all communities.
  • Inspire and help develop cross-generational communities where people of all ages enjoy the gifts and capacities they have to offer;
  • Create a related and long overdue breakthrough by moving dying and death out of the closet.

To accomplish this, we must first expose the ageism that lies beneath and allows the exploitation of and prejudice against people merely because of their age.  This is what The Radical Age Movement is about.

Alice Fisher and Steve Burghardt on Healthcare on the Air, discussing what The Radical Age Movement is:

Health Care on the Air (2015-02-11) from hcoanyc on Vimeo.