Updated Events


Rally for Age Justice

The steering committee of RAM made the decision earlier in September to postpone our scheduled October 16th Rally for Age Justice until sometime in the spring.  There was just not enough time for us to accomplish our goal.  Adding to this, is the short space between the rally date and election day.  Many of our members are out there working hard to get people to the poles and/or participating in other demonstrations or rallies relevant to the election.

Age Café

In view of all that our country is going through at this moment in time, and after much consideration, the RAM steering committee has decided to postpone our signature program, our Age Café, which was scheduled for October 16
th until after the upcoming election.  

Everyone is justifiably distracted at this time and the social justice advocates among our membership need the time to work on Getting Out the Vote.  Stay tuned for the new date and location sometime in November.