Share Your Story

Share your story of economic hardship based on workforce ageism, insufficient Social Security, insufficient Medicare, or Long Term Care needs.

If you would like to testify at the Rally for Age Justice, please  let us know. Even if you can’t be at the Rally  in person, we encourage you to share your story which will be posted here on our Rally Resource Page. We are looking for personal stories about 
    • ageism in the workforce, reflecting either being fired because of your age or having a problem being hired because of your age.
    • struggling to get by on Social Security
    • no long term care insurance
    • no dental insurance
    • or anything else!

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  1. Age discrimination in the workplace is only one area for the Radical Age Movement to pursue. Let’s also look at Lifelong Learning, Financial Literacy, Financial Education, Digital Literacy, Leadership, Social Entrepreneurship and Business Entrepreneurship opportunities for Seniors 50+. Also, all Seniors 50+ are responsible for their own financial resources self-sufficiency. We need more seniors to help themselves to be more active, creative, productive and resourceful in their pre or post retirement.

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