Rally 2019

We are proud to once again announce that TheRadicalAgeMovement will be the lead sponsor of this year’s Rally for Age Justice:  Invest in Economic Security for Older Adults.  TheRadicalAgeMovement has been heavily focused on the issue of age discrimination in the workforce over the past year and a half.  Of all the different ways ageism rears its ugly head in our communities, based on the comments of our members and social media followers, this issue is not only having a direct impact on its victims, it is destined to have a huge impact on our entire society. 

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Our rally planning committee is busy reaching out to prominent speakers in the field.  The celebrities of the rally, however, will be those of you who want to share your own personal stories of being discriminated against in the workplace because you were perceived to be too old to be productive. At RadicalAge, we believe that people should be judged by their abilities, not by their age.  Further down on this Rally Resource Page, you will find a way to share your story with us.  Even if you cannot attend the Rally, we encourage you to share your story.

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Want to join me in making a difference for older adults? We’re raising money to underwrite the expenses for The Radical Age Movement’s Rally for Age Justice, to take place on May 23, 2019 in Union Square Park NYC.

RadicalAge advocates for Age Justice.  This year’s theme is Economic Security for Older Adults.  Today more people over age 50 are finding themselves unwelcome by the job market.  Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are under attack by our current administration.  If we continue down this road we will wind up with the poorest cohort of older adults since before Social Security was introduced in 1935.

We  cannot let this happen, and you can help us.  By underwriting the Rally, you are giving a voice, not only to older adults who are struggling financially, you are also giving a voice to younger people who see their future in jeopardy.  This is an intergenerational movement.

Your donation will help us take our message to the streets.  It will help us pay for staging, a sound system and placards.  Help us make our $5000 goal by donating whatever you can.  Every gift of every size is meaningful in this fight for Age Justice.