Rally for Age Justice 2018


On May 15th, we were washed up but not washed out!

What a disappointment! The worst was the 24 hours before we finally decided to cancel. Talk about stress!! Steve was our weather guru and kept checking and updating us at all hours of the day and night. By Monday night, with a lot of grief, we were pretty certain we would cancel but had to give it one more night. At 5:30 in the morning, Steve, texted us (me, Jon, and Bobbie) with the decision to cancel.

Then, of course, we had to scramble to get the word out, with the help of all of our co-sponsors. At 4:00 p.m., Steve, Bobbie and I headed over to Union Square to catch any attendees who didn’t see the notices. We found about a dozen people. Everyone was completely understanding and supportive. We estimate there would have been approximately 500 people attending. BUMMER!!

When the heavens opened up in Union Square at 5:01…can you believe that!…everyone in Union Square was running for shelter, while Steve and Bobbie and I were jumping for joy. At least our decision was vindicated. We went back to Steve’s apartment and met up with Pat and Jon and proceeded to drink the appropriate amount of wine.

By the next day, we were up and running again. We had already arranged for space at the NY Society for Ethical Culture for June 6th when we planned to have a debriefing and celebration of the Rally. After contacting all of our speakers and performers, EVERYONE said they could show up on June 6th, when we are hosting a TESTIMONIAL & CELEBRATION OF AGE JUSTICE, where we will be presenting the same program that was created for the RALLY. We hope you can all join us and help us spread the word. A flyer is attached. If you want to volunteer for June 6th, please contact Joseph at joseph.radicalagemovement@gmail.com.


We want to thank all of our co-sponsors with a special call-out to the Rally Planning Committee, without whom we could not have accomplished so much. You will all be honored on June 6th, another special reason to join us. We need you to rsvp for this one. (see the flyer attached)

Another special thank you to everyone who donated through Facebook and GoFundMe to our cause. We have already applied for a parks permit for Union Square for October 16, 2018 when we will plan for an even bigger and better rally.

In solidarity,
Alice, Steve, Bobbie & Jon

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“We Are Part of The Future Too”


By supporting The Rally for Age Justice, you will be making history. This is the first event of its kind, focusing exclusively on the issues that impact our country’s older adults. Social Security has not kept up with the cost of living, and that’s ageism. When the current administration threatens to cut both Social Security and Medicare, that’s ageism. When elderly people are evicted from their homes, that’s ageism. When the job market turns its back on us, that’s ageism. When we can’t afford our medical prescriptions, that’s ageism. And, when lunch at the senior center is our only decent meal all day, that’s ageism. We can’t allow our voices to be drowned out. Any contribution, big or small, will go a long way to make this Rally the success it deserves to be. The other action you can take is to join us on May 15th if you can. Let’s demonstrate that older adults have a voice, and we won’t be silenced.


Pillars of Age Justice:





Principles of Age Justice:

What Age Justice Stands For:

  • People of all ages standing together in our shared interests to fight ageism.
  • Inclusivity: Becoming old is a place that for once unites all races, genders, sexualities, religions and other social factors that all too often have divided us earlier.
  • The dignity and well being of the frail and disabled.
  • Building and maintaining a society that replaces ageist myths with the solidarity, respect and love of people of all ages, sharing our gifts of collaboration, common purpose, and regard for each other’ well being.

What Age Justice Stands Against:

  • More and more old people, feeling the lash of workplace discrimination, are becoming part of the invisible poor.
  • The marginalization, exploitation and isolation of older adults which renders them irrelevant.
  • American culture that perpetuates ageist bias, pitting old against young.
  • Assuming we are not part of the future. Politicians, both liberal and conservative, take older people for granted.
  • Any diminishment of Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid. We cannot let this happen!


Our 29 Co-Sponsors:

  • Carter Burden Network
  • Center for Independence of the Disabled –NY
  • Central NJ Radical Age Chapter
  • City Meals on Wheels
  • Coming of Age NYC
  • Educational Alliance
  • EmergingAging NYC
  • End Of Life Choices
  • Eviction Intervention Services: Homelessness Prevention (EIS)
  • Fordham Graduate School of Social Service
  • FPWA
  • Gray Panthers
  • Griot Circle
  • James Lenox House
  • JFREJ / Caring Majority
  • Lenox Hill Neighborhood House
  • NY Society for Ethical Culture/Social Service Board
  • NY Statewide Senior Action Council
  • NYS Alliance for Retired Americans
  • Pagasa, Sfi
  • Philadelphia Radical Age Chapter
  • Radical Age at SAGE Chapter
  • SAGE
  • SASS at Silberman School of Social Work
  • Search and Care
  • Stony Brook University School of Social Work
  • This Chair Rocks
  • Women’s Radical Age Chapter, Provincetown