Becoming a Chapter

We are excited that you and your friends and colleagues are considering developing a chapter of The Radical Age Movement!

As a movement, we are not wedded to one type of chapter. One chapter has formed inside an activist senior group long established on the Lower East Side of New York. Another began among two friends in a city in upstate New York. We hope to expand to be part of well-established community centers and senior centers across New York State, the region, and our nation. What matters is not the form of your group but your commitment to the RAM mission and purpose, combined with a willingness to confront ageism in all its forms. We have included two of the most powerful ways to build our movement: (a) through social action to combat age injustice; and (b) holding consciousness-raising groups to confront the ageism both in society and embedded within ourselves.

newchapterTo become a chapter requires the following steps:

1. You and your members agree with the mission and purpose of The Radical Age Movement.

2. As a movement chapter, you agree that you support The Radical Age Movement, Inc. [RAM] as a non-profit, but will not engage in fund-raising or solicitation of any kind in the name of RAM.

3. Each chapter will determine the type of activities it will engage in, social action, consciousness-raising groups, and information sessions, as long as they are consistent with the RAM mission and purpose.

4. While we as individuals are active in electoral campaigns, RAM and its chapters will not engage as a group in the endorsement of candidates but instead focus on resisting ageist legislation at the city, state, and federal levels. We also will support positive age justice initiatives as well. That said, we do encourage individual members to be active in the political process as he or she chooses.

5. As a RAM chapter you will be encouraged to keep the central office in New York City informed of your activities and events. We will post such activities on our web page and Facebook page as we receive them.

6. Your chapter leadership will provide your steering committee emails and addresses for on-going correspondence, feedback, and communication.

7. RAM-NYC will inform all chapters of demonstrations, marches, legislative hearings, and other social action-based activities, and invite every chapter to attend New York City- based actions under our banner.

8. An annual fee of $50.00 ($250 for organizations) is requested to register your group and for other modest administrative costs.


• RAM-NYC will place your affiliation and appropriate contact information on our Current Chapters Page.
• All RAM events, including yours, will be posted both on the web page and will be sent
directly to your leadership group via email.

Read our complete guide to becoming a chapter!

Chapter Building Guide