It is clear that the current administration, as well as many state governments, are determined to drastically alter our government’s basic social contract with all Americans in need. There are few among us not at risk of a less secure, more diminished, and frightening life for ourselves, our loved ones, and our fellow citizens as well as others seeking to live a decent and peaceful life.

It is therefore a necessity that every Radical Ager become active both in resistance to these policies and in developing an alternative vision for a better, safer and more just world. As a Radical Age chapter, you are invited to create RAM social action campaigns that will be part of the larger social movements developing among progressive groups to counter the current Whitehouse agenda.

Those campaigns will include but not be limited to active resistance efforts to:

•  Stop any changes in Medicare and Medicaid that would diminish the health of older Americans (as well as many others);
•  Cuts, freezes, and alterations to Social Security;
•  Cuts of any kind in Title XX funds
•  Alterations to the Affordable Care Act resulting in loss of coverage;
• Tax cuts for wealthier Americans, resulting in lost revenue for matching state and city programs for older and younger Americans
          -In New York City, this includes home care programs with waiting lists for hundreds
of home-bound older, frail New Yorkers.

• Call out the anti-aging cosmetic industrial complex.
• Challenging the media for ageist advertising and ageist reporting,
• Thwarting ageism in the workforce.

Our voice is needed so that legislators, cultural leaders and the media come to recognize that the purposeful invisibility and marginalization of older Americans must stop, just as it must for people of color, women, the LGBT community and, yes, poor and working class white Americans as well.

We welcome Central NJ Radical Age Chapter as our newest official chapter! Look back here later for an update on new chapters to see if one is in your area. No?  Consider starting your own. Click here to learn how!     

Chapter Building Update:  We have new chapters forming in Texas,  Virginia, Washington D.C., and as well as at Cornell University & Silberman School of Social Work @ Hunter College!